Oxygen Power:  is a natural ingredient remarkable synergy of monatomic materials, various electrolytes, and trace elements. It is formulated to increase the uptake of normal nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., thereby increasing their potency and bio-effectiveness.  In addition, it assists in the elimination of cellular waste, due to lack of bio-absorption, increases the efficiency of oxygen and hydrogen utilization.  It is different than energy drinks in the market today – No sugar, caffeine or gluten.  

Notable Ingredients:

Germanium Sesquioxide – Essential Trace Mineral – Can possibly assist in immune support. May be effective in combating certain viral and malignant conditions. Studies suggest benefits toward:

Free radical damage

GABA (γ-Aminobutyric acid) – Essential Trace Amino – Can possibly assist in:

  1. Chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system
  2. Directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone

Promotion of:
                 a. Weight loss
                 b. Increase fat burning
                 c. Relieving of pain
                 d. Reducing anxiety
                 e. Assisting in stress control

Molybdenum – Essential Trace Mineral – Can possibly assist in:

  1. Functions in the electron transport system (ETS) of the mitochondria which assists in the metabolism of MSG. 
  1. Essential enzymes for iron metabolism and other required nutrients.
  2. Detoxifies sulfites which is a toxic compound
  3. Involved in copper absorption
  4. Readily absorbed in GI tract without active transport
  5. Essential for immune function and activation of hormones

Strontium – Essential Trace Mineral – Can possibly assist in:

  1. Promotes strong osteoporatic resistant bones
  2. Reduces the risk of dental cavities
  3. Replaces some calcium in the body
  4. Better blood clotting ability in osteomalacial and osteoporatic individuals
  5. Improves absorption of other minerals, especially magnesium and zinc
  6. Readily absorbed in GI tract into the bloodstream without active transport.

Rhodium – Essential Trace Mineral – Can possibly assist in:

  1. Healthy immune system
  2. Stimulation of the immune system
  3. It has been implicated in dehydration states, bone disease, heart failure, kidney disease, and liver disease to effect specific enzyme systems or alternative pathway modulators.

Iridium – Essential Trace Mineral – Can possibly assist in:

  1. Functions in cellular metabolism in enzyme systems
  2. Element of choice to activate certain antioxidants and immune responses especially in joints and in the production of energy.