Frequently Asked Questions

You can register as an Affiliate Marketer in CLICK BANK or order Oxygen Power directly from NuVerde LLC at wholesale price. 
You can sell directly to customers at Retail prices.   Check the MONEY OPPORTUNITIES Tab. 

You can add more water, if you like, but 8 ozs is the minimum amount of water recommended.

You can, but we recommend mixing the 8 drops of Oxygen Power with water.

Everyone should consult with their Doctor, Neuorpath or Health professional before taking any supplements.

The FDA does not approve any health supplements in the market today, but is has some regulations, policy and guidance for companies with health supplements.  FDA Excerpt “Federal law does not require dietary supplements to be proven safe to FDA’s satisfaction before they are marketed.”      Please review this FDA link for more details:

This product is being sold in Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean and now in the United States of America (USA).


Send us an email at 30 days after receiving the product.